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2020.10.24 Witch Night -Halloween- vol.16 DJ Setlist

Witch Night -Halloween- vol.16

at Ikebukuro CHOP

[DJ Setlist]
01.Psalm (Maggot's Lair) by Christian Death
02.Dominion by The Sisters of Mercy
03.Brandon Lee by The 69 Eyes
04.Moonchild by Fields of the Nephilim
05.Angel by Gothminister
06.Children of the Dark by Mono Inc.
07.She is My Sin by Nightwish

[2nd Setlist]
01.Metal Dance by SPK
02.Rapture by Killing Joke
03.The Land of Rape and Honey by Ministry
04.Tanz Debil by Einstuerzende Neubauten
05.Art of Lab by Sodom

[3rd Setlist]
01.Homeless by Dreadful Shadows
02.Lorelei by Theatre of Tragedy
03.O Tannenbaum by Unheilig
04.Buck Dich by Rammstein
05.Deeper Underground by Still Patient
06.Jesus Christ Superstar by Laibach

[4th Setlist]
01.Run (Wayne Hussey Mix) by Gossamer
02.Kingdom by VNV Nation
03.Tiefster Winter by L'ame Immortelle
04.Stereokatastrophe by New Days Delay

[5th Setlist]
01.Suspiria by Goblin
02.Psycho Magnet by London after Midnight
03.Something Strange by Rosetta Stone
04.Psychocult by The Merry Thoughts
05.Witching Hour by Nosferatu
06.Dark Entries by Bauhaus

[6th Setlist]
01.Power (Velocity Edit) by Razed in Black
02.Consumed by Eternal Darkness by Cellhavoc
03.Once They Came by Preemptive Strike 0.1
04.Schmerzpervers by Agonoize