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2019.10.19 時の葬列 方舟の章 vol.6 DJ Setlist

時の葬列 方舟の章 vol.6

at Koenji HIGH

[DJ Setlist]
01.My Favorite Things by John Coltrane
02.I came back again for my kingdom by Genetic Voo Doo
03.慈悲心鳥 by 万有引力
04.The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
05.Buck Dich by Rammstein
06.Burning Inside by Ministry
07.Rapture by Killing Joke
08.Drivel by The Union Underground
09.Xodus by Nefilim
10.One Word by Still Patient
11.Metal Dance by SPK

[2nd Setlist]
01.Promise by Bardo Thodol
02.Warrior by 黒色エレジー
03.Nothin' to be a Friend by Asylum
04.Wall by Z.O.A

[3rd Setlist]
01.L.H.O.O.Q by Sadie Sads
02.Macbeth by Madame Edwarda
03.Blue by Syoko
04.Material Flower by Sodom

[4th Setlist]
01.Icaros Descending [II] by G-Schmitt
02.覚醒期 by Surrealistic Men
03.Sexaroid Capsule Schneider by Sex Android
04.Hysteria by Lappin Agile
05.Gloria by Neurotic Doll
06.幻惑の夜 by Genetic Voo Doo