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2019.09.27 Darkside of NewWave vol.2 DJ Setlist

Darkside of NewWave vol.2

at Shibuya STAR STAR

[DJ Setlist]
01.Cities in Dust (Eruption Mix) by Siouxsie and the Banshees
02.A Forest by The Cure
03.Away by The Bolshoi
04.In the Flat Field by Bauhaus
05.Love Me to Death by The Mission
06.Warrior by 黒色エレジー
07.Four Horsemen by Christian Death
08.Dark Side by Phaidia
09.The Witch by Rosetta Stone
10.Misty Circles by Dead or Alive
11.Call Me by The 69 Eyes
12.Power by Fields of the Nephilim
13.Glamour and Suicide by Die Laughing
14.Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone [Request]
15.Psycho Magnet by London after Midnight [Request]
16.We're so Happy by The Danse Society
17.This Corrosion by Maryslim
18.You Spin Me Round by Uranium 235
19.Sexaroid Capsule Schneider by Sex Android
20.Church of No Return by Christian Death [Request]
21.Halloween Song by Auto-Mod

[2nd Setlist]
01.Graveyard Symphony by WWF (Undertaker Theme)
02.In the Night Time by Death in June
03.Hysteria (Single Version) by Lappin Agile
04.Promise by Bardo Thodol
05.Dead and Buried by Alien Sex Fiend
06.Gimme Shelter by The Sisters of Mercy
07.Close by Nosferatu
08.吸血鬼 by Gilles De Rais
09.Masque by The Dark
10.Restless by Skeletal Family

[3rd Setlist]
01.Summoning of the Muse by Dead Can Dance
02.毛皮のヴィーナス by Libido
03.The Last of Romance by Gille' Loves
04.Metal Dance by SPK
05.太陽のない街 by 餓鬼道
06.Halloween Song by Auto-Mod
07.Dark Entries by Bauhaus