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2019.07.06 Kaamathustra Page.2 DJ Setlist

Kaamathustra Page.2

at Waseda ZONE-B

[DJ Setlist]
01.Graveyard Symphony by WWF (Undertaker Theme)
02.Asche zu Asche by Rammstein
03.Deeper Underground by Still Patient
04.Bloodlust by Jyrki 69
05.Laura by Fields of the Nephilim
06.Reigen by Xmal Deutschland
07.Shadow of Love by The Damned
08.Ghost Town Gang by The Willard
09.This Corrosion by Maryslim

[2nd Setlist]
01.Romeo's Distress by Christian Death
02.In the Flat Field by Bauhaus
03.Neo Psychic Baby by Jubilee
04.We're so Happy by The Danse Society
05.Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees

[3rd Setlist]
01.Propaganda by Play Dead
02.Moya by The Southern Death Cult
03.Ice Age by Joy Division
04.New Church by Lords of the New Church
05.Wall by Z.O.A
06.Nothin' to be a Friend by Asylum

[4th Setlist]
01.The Ttial by Dead Can Dance
02.In Our Angelhood by Cocteau Twins
03.Limit by G-Schmitt
04.Cat-House by Danielle Dax
05.Gloria by Neurotic Doll

[5th Setlist]
01.Just like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain
02.Pictures on My Wall by Echo & The Bunnymen
03.Mirror People '88 (Full Length) by Love and Rockets
04.Away by The Bolshoi
05.War by Tones on Tail

[6th Setlist]
01.Sexaroid Capsule Schneider by Sex Android
02.Spell by Gara
03.Hills Garden by Sodom
04.I'm not Mad by Alien Sex Fiend

[7th Setlist]
01.Jihad by The Sisterhood
02.Raising Cain by The Mission
03.Over the Hills and Far Away by Nightwish